Spreading joy through the mailbox

It is said that it was Cyrus, the first king of Ancient Persia, who started an organised postal service. He managed to establish transport routes and built overnight stopping points at a day’s distance from each other, where the postmen could rest themselves and their horses. Since then, innumerable letters and packages have been sent.

For more than 2,500 years, handwritten greetings have been an obvious form of communication. However, a paradigm shift has recently taken place. Digital communication in the form of emails and Facebook messaging has led to a reduced number of letters. And that is exactly the reason why it feels so extra special when you get something handwritten through the post. Of course, it’s also nice to receive that long-awaited package from a mail-order company too.

But whether you frequently shop online, subscribe to a number of newspapers or just receive occasional postcards from friends’ holidays, it’s important to have a good mailbox.

Stylish, convenient and secure

What should you wish for in a mailbox? Well, in short, it should look nice, be practical and above all, secure.
When it comes to appearance, you can imagine various models. Maybe a trendy mailbox that stands out to people passing your house? Perhaps a unique, custom-made wooden mailbox with a cool design on the front? Or maybe an oversized, weekly mailbox, if you usually spend a lot of time away and can’t check it very often?

Of course, your mailbox can also add an extra special touch to your garden. It can be a thoughtful detail that matches your house and expresses something about who you are and what interests you have.
Whatever you go for in terms of look and size, a lockable mailbox can be a good investment. Your mail is a private thing that you will want to keep safe. The last thing you want is for your personal letters or consignments from the authorities to end up in the wrong hands.

Mounting and fixing

The way that you mount your mailbox depends somewhat on the model. Some can be attached directly onto a fence, but that solution has some limitations. It results in a box that is a bit unstable, and you may need to stoop down unnecessarily far when you collect your letters, which can be a real problem if you have a bad back.
It may therefore be a good idea to mount the mailbox onto a specially designed post that is anchored in the ground. The post must be stable and one solution is to cast a cement base. However, StopDigging offers a cheaper and faster way to mount your mailbox post.

Save time and money with StopDigging

If you use ground screws instead of cement, you’ll save a lot of time and effort. You also don’t have to turn the whole garden upside down, which would otherwise be the case. After the ground screw is installed, the post is positioned in the correct place, and then it only remains to attach the mailbox.
We have fitters throughout the country to help you with your ground anchorage. Our fitters ensure that the ground screws are properly anchored, that they are in balance, in line and that they are according to your wishes. In short, we will help you find the best solution for your site!

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