Mounting a waste bin with ground screws

Mounting waste bins in residential areas, parks, school playgrounds, park playgrounds and other public places is not very difficult. If the waste bin is anchored with a ground screw, you get a stable and stylish solution with the least impact on surrounding surfaces. It’s also quick to put in place – it usually takes no more than an hour per screw.

Minimise your costs with more waste bins 

Public places that see a lot of people should also have plenty of waste bins so that no paper and other rubbish end up on the ground. Sleek, durable and easy-to-access waste bins result in reduced littering and a more pleasant environment to boot. This also means that you can avoid the extra costs for cleaning and tidying. 

Why ground screws? 

In order for the waste bins to stand firm in all weathers, they need a stable foundation. Our specially developed type of ground screw, the pipe screw, is an excellent foundation for waste bins that are intended to be mounted on freestanding posts outdoors. The pipe screw is specially developed for Nordic climates but is also suitable for British weather. It is hot galvanized according to ISO 1461 and customized according to Swedish construction standards. We drill the screw into the ground using special tools, and it is then wedged and fastened securely. The post for the waste bin can then be mounted inside the pipe screw and quickly fastened with four bolts. This provides a stable and stylish solution with the least possible impact on surrounding surfaces.

When you choose to anchor your waste bins with pipe screws, you can rely on:

– Fast and efficient installation
– Minimal impact on the surroundings
– Stable anchorage that can be immediately used
– A flexible solution that is removable and recyclable
– Fixed price

When are ground screws unsuitable?

Ground Screws provided by StopDigging are a smart, stylish and convenient alternative to normal concrete bases. In general, anywhere that you might have dug down to bury a prefabricated concrete base, you can use a ground screw instead. However, they are not suitable if the terrain is mountainous or the ground is newly removed down to 50 cm or deeper. In the latter case, the soil must first settle before a reliable and stable installation may be carried out. Extremely rocky soil can be a problem, but in the vast majority of cases we can mount ground screws even in rocky soil by pre-drilling for all screws and cracking small and even fairly large stones.

Certified installers

All our fitters are certified and we are often hired by private individuals as well as a wide range of construction and management companies. Previous customers have included NCC, Skanska, and Peab. We also engage in cooperation with a large number of local councils.

More to think about

Be sure to choose high quality waste bins and materials that will withstand long periods of hard wear. This doesn’t mean that you should choose function over appearance – in the vast majority of cases, design and function go hand in hand.

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