Adapter screw SGP

Length 580 mm 865 mm 1200 mm
Dimension plate 95×70 95×70 95×70
Screw thickness 4 mm 4 mm  4 mm
Plate thickness 8 mm 8 mm 8 mm
Thread fixing holes M20 M20 M20
Outer Ø 76 mm 76 mm 76 mm
Pressure (Rd.c) 2,5 kN 6 kN 12,5 kN
Tug (Rd.t) 1,7 kN 4,5 kN 6,5 kN
Horizontal (Rd.h) 0,5 kN 2,5 kN 4,5 kN


SURFACE: Galvanized to EN ISO1461

APPLICATIONS: The screw has a flat top where for example a beam or fixing fences can be screwed. Through the design of the plate it can be an lateral adjustment to increase the precision.

  • * The load values quoted are based on an average of multiple tests in a variety of ground conditions. The load in a specific location can vary from the figures quoted. 

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